New Approach to Urban Gear

When we go camping, vacationing, or cruising, we outfit ourselves.  We pack.  We prepare.  And yet, we Urban Creatures forget that when we venture out into the urban wilderness, we would be wise to outfit ourselves--to be fully prepared for our day. Here are some items to think about before you walk out that front door:

  • Sturdy bag or purse:  We recommend leather. Canvas too. Looks great as it ages. 
  • Phone: Use a good case.
  • Headphones or earbuds:  Just puts you in your zone.
  • Cash: Always good to take just a few, old fashioned paper dollars.
  • Snack:  Not too fragile.  Bananas are iffy, but apples and trail mix can help a lot.
  • Drink: Coffee or tea is a must in the morning.  Water is absolutely necessary.
  • Gum or Breath Mints:  Keeps you feeling fresh.
  • Hoodie, hat, or cap: Easy to wear, as you dress in layers, and easy to remove.
  • Something to read: Could be a Kindle, book, or newspaper/magazine.  Gotta have something read other than the advertisements over peoples' heads.


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