About Superior Urban


Our company was founded after years of trying to be a superior urbanite. According to Washington Post, the average commute time for Americans is now 26 minutes--up from 21 minutes in the 1980's.  Whether you are in your car, on a train, a bike, or just walking to work, you know that the new "Great Outdoors" is everything beyond your front door.

At Superior Urban, we look for gear that can help you tame the New, Great Outdoors.  Just like on camping trips, you pack coffee pots and backpacks, we now travel through our daily lives with stainless steel To-Go cups and messenger bags.

Think of us a sporting goods store-- for urban living.

Together, we can tame the New, Great Outdoors.

Life is wild. Take it on.


 Superior Urban. Outfitters for the New, Great Outdoors.




Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash