Similarities between Camping and Urban Living

If you have ever gone camping, you know how carefully you need to plan what to take with you.  For instance, toilet paper, soap, matches, and water come in very handy when you need them.  Have you ever tried lighting a fire by rubbing two sticks together?  It can be done, but wouldn't a book of free matches from the Pub do a better, faster job?

This is why we here at Superior Urban decided to fill an often-overlooked need: Helping Urban Dwellers with how they dress and outfit themselves.  

Do you have a solid bag, purse, or duffel?

How are you keeping hydrated?

Are you keeping warm enough on chilly, cool, or cold days?

As Urban Dwellers ourselves, we know that, once we walk out our front door, we might be gone for hours.  Gearing up is essential!  

Life is hard in the wild.  Better gear means a better life.

Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

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